North Captiva: On Island Transportation

On island transportation is limited to electric golf carts, bicycles, and feet.   All lanes are of beach sand except for the brick lane of the resort property.  Exploring the island by Golf Cart is most often the BIGGEST HIT with the families that visit North Captiva Island.  Since the island is only accessible by boat, the islanders have embraced the electric “Club Carts” as their favorite mode of transportation around the island.  Quiet sandy streets lined with spectacular beach retreats rising up into the sky on wood pilings.  Most homes on North Captiva are just what you imagine… the best vacation houses you could dream of.

You too will enjoy zipping here and there with your “Club Cart”.  The carts hold a maximum of 5 people and are assigned to you by your rental company.  Usually the golf cart rental is included with your vacation home rental.

An additional cart for your group maybe available on a first come first serve basis.  The resort does not guarantee additional carts will be available.  For additional information about Golf Cart rental please contact us for resources

In all shapes and sizes, the fun is always happening with the island carts. The driving age on North Captiva is 16 years old and we hope you help to keep North Captiva safe and happy with safe careful driving.