North Captiva: Groceries

As of 6/9/17 Publix At Coral Shores, will not be accepting fax orders for groceries.

Publix at: 2420 Santa Barbara Blvd Cape CoralFL 33914 WILL Accept orders

Publix Super Market at Santa Barbara Centre

Cape Coral, FL

STORE  (239) 458-8900

FAX      (239) 458-0873

they can email their fax order

They do like a 5 day notice

When planning a vacation on North Captiva, the most common questions are about groceries.  What do I do if I run out of veggies?  What!  I have to cook on vacation?  Yes!  And, we think you’ll actually enjoy it.  Grilling outside on the sands or cooking up a storm in a great vacation house kitchen.  Think beach foods…the foods of summer all year long.  Not complicated, just good.  With only a bit of planning with the tools provided below, you and your family or friends will be gathering for more than just a great vacation.

There is only ONE small grocery store on North Captiva Island so selection and quantities are limited. Pricing is above your normal grocery stores.  A suggestion we make to all our guests is to pre-order all your groceries.  Pre-ordering is a great way to stretch your vacation budget!  The grocery stores listed below will accept faxed orders.  Most require a 48 hour advanced fax.  We recommend calling the store to insure your fax has been received.  Some grocery stores charge a minimal amount to prepack.  (In the past it has been 10% of the order or free).  Verify the packing charge when faxing.  Depending on your travel selection (driving, renting a car or utilizing the ground transportation) we will suggest to you the easiest location to shop.  A sample fax cover sheet is provided with this information sheet.  The more specific you are about brand and quantity, the more accurate your order will be.

Grocery Shopping

The UTIMATE in grocery service is Sandie’s Grocery devlivery service!  North Captiva Island Club will deliver groceries to the house and placed in the refrigerator. For this service call Sandie at (239) 340-5398. The rate is 40% of the order, with a $50 minimum order. Click on the appropriate link below for your order form. u can also pre-order your groceries to be picked up by you on the way to the marina.  The two most conveneint grocery stores to shop at are listed below.  Please remember to request “boat bags” and “cold packing”

Winn Dixie – At the intersection of Pine Island Road and Longfellow at the Pine Island Crossroads (239) 283-4404.  They will also pack groceries for pick up(Subject to change).  Below is a grocery fax form for your use.  Please fax your order to (239) 283-4460.  Winn Dixie now charges 10% to prepack groceries and styrofoam coolers if needed.  They no longer deliver to the marina as well.

Winn Dixie Grocery Fax

Fresh Seafood –

Andy’s Island Seafood
Matlacha Florida

Call for information on ordering fresh seafood.

Spirits:  Beer is available at the island grocery store. Wine and beer can be purchased on the mainland at most grocery stores. Liquor stores are located conveniently to all the grocery stores we recommend.