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Captiva Island was so fantastic
We traveled with two adults and three teenagers. We've never been to North Captiva Island not sure what to expect. Ali did such a great job telling us who to book for our water taxi and taking care of all the groceries. The house was extremely clean and was fully stocked in the kitchen. The living room furniture was extremely comfortable as was the mattresses. The restaurants on the island are a little expensive, but we love the low key vacation. There is so much Beach that you really have an entire Beach to just your family. It was extremely tropical and reminded me so much of the Bahamas. We saw dolphins and manatees almost everyday and the golf cart that was included made for such fun family. The included kayak was a blast for my teen boys. We enjoyed the pool, but the beach was one of the most beautiful we have seen. The water taxi was so fun and we are definitely coming back!
7/30/2021 at 4:55 PM

Great time in North Captiva
We had a very nice 5 days/6 nights in North Captiva. It was very easy process to board the boat in Pineland and arrive at Safety Harbor. The walk was less than a block from the dock to the townhome. We picked up groceries at Sprouts in Estero and then brought those across on the boat. Ally was very helpful with preplanning but we decided to grocery shop ourselves since we are gluten free and there are more options at Sprouts than Publix, we found. The townhome was really nice, it is beautifully decorated, the flooring is amazing, but some of the pictures made it seem bigger than it really was. We thought the kitchen was bigger but it's definitely a max of two people in there at a time. The main bedroom & second bedrooms were great! They had comfortable beds & bedding, plus bathrooms connected to them. The 3rd bedroom was used by our 12-year old boy, but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone over 8. He had to rearrange the furniture (but then put it back where it was) because he would've hit his head every time he got up. It got hot in that room too so we had to shift some fans around. The biggest disappointment we faced was the golf cart. It would charge overnight but then would be on low battery after driving for less than an hour. One night I was running to get dinner at Mangoes and it died on the side of the road. Luckily Keith, the guy that did their renovation, was right behind me. He had to make 2 new wires because they were not connected properly so it wasn't taking a full charge. He got me up & running in an hour but if he wasn't right behind me, I don't know what I would've done. The battery life was a major problem but hopefully Keith's on-the-spot repair will make it better for future use. The brakes weren't working the best either, we would roll probably due to the electrical issues. The island is great, we saw lots of Manatees (in fact I got knocked over by one that was swimming on the gulf side!), dolphins, plus rented bikes from Boats and Fun so we cruised down to the South point of the island. There are only 4 food options so I recommend bringing more meals so you don't have to depend on the restaurants for dinners every night. We also rented a boat from Boats and Fun and zipped up to Boca Grande and stopped at Cabbage Key and Cayo Costa. The entire family had a blast! Besides the golf cart hiccup, we had a great time at Dragonfly.
8/23/2021 at 4:18 PM